Carry Bag technology

Mazon product development is not simply confined to the field. Player comfort and organization is equally important. So Mazon looked at off field organization as equally important. So while many manufacturers saw the sportsman carry bag as just a ‘bag’, Mazon took a totally different approach.

Mazon understood that gadget bags for photographers or tradesmen were just as important as the equipment they carried – very important not only for carrying things, but important for checking that you have everything they need for the day ahead. Once you leave somewhere you rarely have time to go back and get what you’ve forgotten. Thus Mazon invented the Classic Combo Bag to be used as an inventory or final check to make sure everything has been put into the bag. This was done by adding special pockets for a mouth guard, privacy pocket and even a mobile phone pocket. As well Mazon added wet area compartments for boots and special pockets for shin guards. The latest series of bags are a world first – and have set the benchmark.

As part of goal keeper development we created the best of breed goal keeper bags complete with wheels, retractable handles, ventilation zones and detachable backpack.

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