Stick advances

Mazon offers two stick types that differ in construction and materials technology. The first is the more traditional combo wood core and full Kevlar sleeve, and the second is the 100% composite.

Combo Wood Core Technology

Woodcore sticks have been used since the beginning of hockey. Wood is a natural shock absorber and adds a degree of feel in the shaft. Mazon has maintained this but taken it further adding composite strengthening without reducing characteristic feel.
The best example of this technology is the Mazon Black Magic Custom stick – the first stick to incorporate an English Ash handle and a full Kevlar Sleeve armour combination. It’s recognised as the best feeling stick available, and has set a new benchmark in hockey stick construction.
This combination of materials has resulted in ultra shock absorption (for unrivalled power, feel and durability). Never standing still our R&D team further developed the Black Magic stick with new features such as:

  • the now famous 'Atomic Midi' 7ply head, Kevlar Duro Zone (KDZ) wear pad for greater durability
    Kevlar Duro Zone (KDZ) logo

  • the Tomahawk Zone (THZ) to reflect the games new styles of play and types of shot making.
    Tomahawk Zone (THZ) logo

Composite Stick Technology

Following on from the composite technology revolution in manufacture, a new era of hockey stick has emerged that complements rather than challenges the wood combo option.

This transition to hollow core composite sticks has seen much of the Black Magic’s pioneering technology being incorporated into the use of Kevlar, THZ and KDZ. Recent developments include:

  • the latest Kevlar Anti Shock Zone (for more controlled trapping)

    Kevlar Anti Shock Zone logo
  • Torsion Stability (for greater strike power)
    Torsion Stability Logo
  • RVS & RVS+ (for increased shock absorption).
    RVS + logo

Whilst many manufacturers have ventured into purely composite sticks, the difference in performance emanates from the shaft to crook balance and the crucial finesse of power hitting pads, shock absorption zones and reinforcement stress areas. This is where Mazon Composites come into their own.

The Black Magic Composites and Combos have been used and tested by many leading international players including Gold Medal Olympian’s Travis Brooks and Nikki Hudson.


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