About Us

In 1992 Mazon Hockey began their journey of producing high quality hockey equipment for every level of hockey player. With the aim of introducing innovation and the latest technology to the field hockey market. This became achievable due to our dedicated research and development team that included the best players from around the world. We have and still do remain a market leader for innovation in field hockey equipment.

The quality of our products is of the highest standards. The sticks are designed to be light yet powerful. Our bags are stylish yet practical. Shinguards provide safety whilst providing comfort. The list goes on and on. Mazon designs, creates, produces and manufactures hockey products for hockey players. We are 100% dedicated to providing the best quality hockey products to players all around the world.

We are proud to say that we are an Australian company. At Mazon Hockey we believe in providing the best quality and affordable hockey equipment for every level of hockey player. It is our mission to provide specialty hockey products through continuous innovation and provide outstanding value to all players. It is our aim to meet and exceed expectations of hockey players worldwide.

Mazon has always looked to support talented hockey athletes. That is why we offer a sponsorship pathway to all age groups. The key to being sponsored is showing us the passion and determination that is installed in the Mazon brand. We look to players as our ambassadors to help promote the Mazon brand and the quality products that we provide. Check out our sponsored players who are working hard to achieve the best they can but also help our brand to grow (Team Mazon).

The future is exciting for Mazon Hockey as the brand grows globally. At Mazon we have a saying ; ‘there is no substitute for hard work’ and there is definitely no substitute for Mazon Hockey. We are Zealous about the hockey equipment we make and that is why our brand continues to grow. We work hard to bring you the best. Then the rest is up to you…set your goals high, aim for your targets and get in the Zone.