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In 1992 Mazon Hockey began their journey of producing high quality hockey equipment for every level of hockey player. It became achievable due to our dedicated research and development team that included the best players from around the world. We have and still do remain a market leader for innovation in the field of hockey equipment.

We have been at the forefront of game changing features and constructions. A main highlight was the ground-breaking construction features of using ash and Kevlar that offered power with reliability and market leading shock absorption. This break through helped the first commercially released Black Magic hockey sticks in 1992 and the emergence of Mazon as a leading performance composite stick manufacturer.

The Mazon innovation and design department always have and always will pay attention to the finer details of hockey equipment. The design team set the goal of having a lightweight stick but with optimum power. Although tricky, the design team finally cracked the construction code to manufacture Mazon sticks that still to this day are aimed at being light in weight, solid in construction, exceptional in feel and generating unrivalled power.

Mazon Hockey has encountered plenty of success thanks to the key innovations discussed above but it is due to the constant hard work of our research, design and technology team. It is something that will always be fused into our company. Mazon recognizes that the game of Field Hockey changes fast and the team at Mazon are ready for the challenge ahead to innovate and shape the future of hockey equipment.