Goal Keeping

Mazon has always been at the forefront of GK design and technology. Over the years we have excelled at assisting GK’s play at their best, making them feel safe and in control of any situation they find themselves in on the pitch with their Mazon equipment.

Around 1985 we realized that GK’s needed a force to counteract the advancements happening in outfield technology. With the developments in outfield stick technology resulting in harder hitting and accurate flicking we knew goalkeepers required far better protection, more flexibility, increased comfort and greater mobility. This counteracting force to empower GK’s and stand up against the new challenges that lay around the corner was to be called ProForce.

The ProForce project involved the Australian goalkeepers Stephen Mowlam and Stewart Dearing and many leading AHL keepers. These top GK’s were instrumental in the testing program for Mazon and the introduction of innovative new goalkeeper components. Key features included the importance of body armour and the significance of flexibility as well as protection. Other features included the 3D Toe Cap, Flex Tongue and Plastazote foam inserts. These core findings have influenced our whole GK range from Junior range all the way to ProForce and Z-Force.All of these finding and features from the ProForce project are what have and still do make Mazon the premier hockey manufacturing company in stick and GK equipment.

Zealous means something to us at Mazon, it is not just a slogan or phrase to use for marketing. We ALWAYS look to improve, modify and innovate products and goalkeeping is no exception. We work with top Goalkeepers around the world to do this. Kookaburra keepers Andrew Charter and Leon Hayward plus BlackSticks Devon Manchester are key to our design and technology project that is continually in action. We also encourage YOU to contact us with any ideas or experience you have had whilst playing in goal. Contact us through the website or social media as we always take the time to listen and explore any idea. The Mazon BlackMagic Arrow stick is an example of this constant evolution of GK equipment but also the discussion of club players idea becoming a reality.

We realise the importance of a Hockey Goalkeeper. The need for gear that is protective and keeps you safe but at the same time is light and flexible. Materials that are durable and offer control in any tricky situation, designs that offer practicality but also style on the hockey pitch. Affordability throughout the ranges that will still last over time, whether it be the top ProForce XR range or the Junior mini set.

Goalkeeper gear is important to us because we realise that the individual in the equipment is one of the most vital components to the game of field hockey.

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