Diverse D3 Sports Tape

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Revolutionary kinesiology muscle tape thanks to the unique Wave Adhesive technology and supreme cotton blend, making it ideal for treating a variety of muscular injuries. The tape is also being used by many top hockey players as an incredible over grip on their stick, optimal in wet and dry conditions.

The D3 K6.0 Tape is the worlds first 6.0m length kinesiology tape that can also be used as an over grip. It provides revolutionary grip thanks to the supreme cotton blend and the latex free construction. The unique Wave Adhesive provides no slipping whilst over gripping and the +1:2 Elasticity creates awesome stretchability. The length of the tape makes it economical to use plus the colours available mean you can create a variety of looks. Used by many top Internationals. D3 Kinesiology Tape's is also perfect for treating a variety of injuries and physical disorders, from hamstring strains to tennis elbow. Applying d3® K6.0 Kinesiology Tape helps to lift the skin allowing increased lymphatic fluid and blood flow to the affected area.